#86 – Notes from the Underground: Introvert’s Invective

Those of you self-certain, hear this hear this…

People are this way only because they have forgotten how ridiculous they really are. They have forgotten how brittle is their house of fictions, how contrived, how sodden with folly…

If they remembered, they would not be so quick to act, so anxious to speak their nothings. In your inmost privacy, you know this is the truth – that your cock-surety is a rinkydink design adrift on roiling seas of nihil and chaos.

Of the coming ruin, there is no doubt. My wish for you is simply that your raft be smote sooner. Understand me, this is an altruistic wish – it minimises the amount of life you will spend chasing eidolons and baited desires.

May you be wracked on all sides by uncertainties and doubts, till you are reclaimed by the sea, and forced to build a truer raft.


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