#85 – Single Vision

As much as possible, I must see reality more and more from my singular vantage. Superegoic interference patterns must be minimised so that there is room to impose my vision onto the world. The actualisation of my being, true will, is not reachable without this necessary distance.

The creation and maintenance of this distance requires a strong, and more crucially, healthy kind of masculinity. It must be cultivated from the grounds of the self upward, secure enough to be perfect friends with the feminine. The bud is there, but latent still.

It is precisely the lack of this faculty that leaves one mired in that great dark inertia of yin, in that lost condition of Romantic death-worship. It is this lack which sustains the chronic passivity and enervation of the existentialist mentality.

One lacks the ‘Life more abundant’ of the Book of John. Thought is of death, action is of life.


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