Excerpt from writing on the sin of pride in Christianity.

I have no trouble relating with the primeval belief in demons, or more narrowly, the belief in inherent evil. Who does not witness the glare of a psychopath and feel the presence of this very thing? This is precisely what repels me so very much when I look into their eyes. Some of my experiences on psychedelics have underlined the reality of inherent evil for me, qualified however by a sense that there is a perennial syzygic struggle between good and evil.

Whether this is a reality that can be mapped onto the objective world remains to be seen, but that this exists within the human psyche is beyond doubt. There exists mythic archetypes of so-called ‘pure evil’ in the collective unconscious, expressed conspicuously and ubiquitously throughout world mythology.

Certainly, the idea of an ‘evil eye’ holds a particular sway for me currently, this psychopathic-demonic crux manifest in the most terrible of conceivable glares. When we watch horror movies, it is not so much fear of an external threat that the man or woman experiences, it is the fear of seeing the terrible that exists at the uncanny depths of every human mind.



“Pride breeds the tyrant violent pride, gorging, crammed to bursting with all that is overripe and rich with ruin – clawing up to the heights, headlong, pride crashes down the abyss – sheer doom!”

–  Oedipus the King, l. 963-967


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